Photo by Jennifer Stalvey

Some people call me a Renaissance Woman.  Some People call me a Creative Force.  I call myself a Woman with a Passionate Heart, a Creative Soul,  and a desire to Create what I see in my Mind.

I have been a professional Actress and Model for years- but my roots with fashion began all the way back in the eighties when I began creating outfits for my stuffed animals and Barbies- all the while begging my mom to teach me how to use the sewing machine.

About 5 years ago I started making handmade fashions from thrifted clothing and fabric; and although I discovered I did not have a passion for selling handmade clothing online- I did have a strong interest in eco-fashion, style and thrift.  My passion for style led me to partner with Inkwell films as wardrobe dept on many passion projects and this creativity and hard work soon turned into some really fantastic work.

A few years ago I started a style blog focused on thrifting and DIY fashion and was honored to be named as one of Goodwill’s 2016 Ambassadors of the year.  This year I am having a blast as a featured stylists in their bi-monthly Style With A Purpose event.

All of these skills and interests naturally dovetailed  into one another as styling lead into photography and all skills blended together into Producing and Directing.

I have found that the beauty of it all is that my knowledge and experience of all areas allows me to have a unique advantage at whichever hat I am wearing. I know all the angles and I can think with them.

I love people, I love the creative life and I’d love to work with you in whichever capacity you need to bring your project to life.


Contact: elisabethbdonaldson@gmail.com